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M.I.S. in Thailand is a great school because it helps each child grow and learn every day. It uses the Montessori method to help children grow in all areas, not just academics.

The school believes that happy children learn best, so it creates a caring community with small classes. This lets teachers give each student personal attention.

M.I.S. also focuses on English fluency, which is important in today’s world. It has English-speaking teachers and teaches many subjects in English.

The school offers the Cambridge International IGCSEs, which help students think critically and solve problems. This prepares them for future challenges.

In short, M.I.S. is a place where learning, character building, and happiness come together. It prepares students for success in school and in life. Choosing M.I.S. is choosing a bright future for your child.



At MIS every day of learning is an adventure. MIS students are taught to have open minds, approach life and new experiences with grounded warmth. Their ability to stay in the moment helps them uncover exciting new potentials.


At MIS, we take pride in the wide range of talents and skills our students possess, spanning from academics and athletics to arts and leadership. Our welcoming and inclusive atmosphere empowers each student to excel in their distinct way. The MIS English National Curriculum Cambridge IGCSE exams syllabus provides exceptional opportunities for students to get the best places at the top universities around the world.


At MIS we know children learn best when they are happy. This is extremely important in Early Years and this is why at MIS we foster a community of care, where every child is known by name, small classes allow our dedicated teachers to support our students with learning, so everyone has the chance of success and most importantly, to be happy.

Why Do Parents Choose MIS to educate their Children ?

Parents recognize that in today’s interconnected world, English is the universal language. They understand that for their children to thrive in the global economic, commercial, or educational landscape – be it in Bangkok, London, or New York – fluency in English and a deep understanding of its subtleties are crucial.
MIS acknowledges the significance of teachers who are native English speakers from their respective countries. Therefore, MIS employs educators from England, America, and Canada who are native English speakers to instruct students from early years through secondary school across all subjects in English.
Parents appreciate that MIS exclusively offers the Cambridge International IGCSEs. They are aware that at MIS, we are committed to nurturing our students to become future leaders and critical thinkers who can identify and address the world’s forthcoming challenges and issues.

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