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Our Parent Community

At MIS we recognize the importance that parents can make as a part of the community as much as the students and the teachers.

At MIS, we have an active Parent Teacher Association Group which brings together the Head of School, MIS Management, MIS Teachers and MIS parents to create a positive line of communication and to enhance school life.

The Parent Teacher Association Group allows an opportunity for an open dialogue to discuss a wide range of topics from educational to welfare, cultural and community topics.

The Parent Teacher Association Group organize many events throughout the school, to encourage parents to get involved and to provide an opportunity to meet other Parents at Coffee Mornings. Stay and Play is a chance for children and parents after school to plat with their friends while giving parents the chance to catch up with other parents in the school.

MIS Happy School Families

MIS Happy School Families is designed to promote a positive and inclusive school environment by fostering strong relationships and connection among Early Years, Primary and Secondary students, families and school staff. It focuses on creating a supportive community where everyone feels valued, respected, and engaged in their educational journey at MIS.
The idea behind MIS Happy School Families is to extend the notion of a traditional family to encompass the school community as a whole. It recognizes that schools are not just institutions for learning but also places where children spend a significant portion of their time and where families can play an essential role in supporting their education.
Here are some ways in which the MIS Happy School Families can be implemented:

1. Parent Involvement: Encouraging parents and guardians to actively participate in their child’s education by attending parent-teacher conferences and joining the PTA parent-teacher association. This involvement helps create a sense of belonging and strengthens the partnership between families and the school.
2. Family Events and Activities: Organizing family-centered events, such as back-to-school picnics, cultural celebrations, book-swap events, art exhibitions, or sports days. These events provide opportunities for families to come together, get to know each other, and celebrate the achievements and diversity within the school community.
3. Communication and Collaboration: Establishing effective communication channels between school staff and families, such as the MIS LINE newsletter, MIS web site and parent-teacher communication apps. Regular and open communication ensures that families are informed about school activities, updates, and their child’s progress, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and trust.
4. Parent Education and Workshops: Offering workshops and educational sessions for parents on topics such as child development, parenting strategies, academic support, and technology literacy. These initiatives empower parents to better support their child’s learning and create a stronger connection between home and school. The MIS PTA parent-teacher association welcomes new ideas and new suggestions from parents.
5. Mentoring Programs: Implementing mentorship programs where older students or community members serve as mentors to younger students, providing guidance, support and a positive role models. This initiative strengthens relationships between students across different grade levels and fosters a sense of responsibility and empathy.
6. Celebrating Achievements: Recognizing and celebrating the achievements and efforts of students, families, and school staff through awards, certificates, or appreciation events. This acknowledgment boosts motivation, self-esteem and a sense of pride within the school community.
By embracing the concept of MIS Happy School Families, the school can cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment that can promote academic success, social-emotional well-being, combined with a strong sense of community, where families and schools work together, students thrive and enjoy a positive educational experience at MIS.