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School Fees

Please note there is also a non-refundable initial school application fee of 5,000 THB to cover required tests/observations.

*The school will issue three invoices per school year for the amount shown unless otherwise stated.

Additional Fees (required)

Supplementary Fees (per term)

  • Early Years: 5000 THB.

  •  Primary Years 1,2,3,4: 9,000 THB., Years 5,6: 13000 BHT.

  •  Secondary Years 7,8,9: 13,000 BHT., Years 10,11,12,13: 12,000 THB.

School Uniform

  • Admissions will advise you about school uniforms/costs

External Examination Fees

  • All IGCSE and other external examination fees will be invoiced.

Additional Fees (optional)

  • School lunch 7,000 THB per term

  • School Bus 10,000 – 30,000 THB (dependent on location)

Please contact our Admissions Team if you have any questions about school fees.