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Join Our Team

MIS welcomes native English speaking teachers to apply to join our team of of highly qualified staff.

Hardworking courteous students with a real zest for life, an active Parent Teacher Association Group and supportive parents make teaching at MIS rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you join us as a single person, couple or family, our staff form a friendly close-knit community.

The remuneration package is highly competitive, with low taxation, comprehensive medical insurance and a low cost of living, meaning our staff have a high standard of living and can also enjoy holidays in Thailand and the South East Asia region, while saving money. The average length of tenure at five years is testimony to the fact that our staff enjoy their teaching and the experience of living in this wonderful country.

While you are expected to work hard, you can still enjoy a work-life balance which is hard to achieve elsewhere.

Our HR team will assist you from the moment you apply for your role, working hard to ensure that your move is as seamless as possible. Whether you need help with shipping, visa or general advice, they will be there to answer all your questions, assisting you every step of the way.

From the moment you make contact with the on-boarding team, you feel like you are already a part of the MIS family.

Should you wish to experience the high standard of education and rewards that MIS has to offer, all whilst experiencing the wonders of Thailand, then I look forward to receiving your application.

Dr M Coutts – Head of School