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“Welcome to Mooltripakdee International School”.  We hope our website provides you with a comprehensive and engaging introduction to our institution. I’m Matthew Coutts, and I’m privileged to lead this exceptional school. I’m originally from the UK and worked at another local international school for four years before joining MIS as a teacher in September 2016. Since then, I’ve transitioned from teaching to holding several senior leadership roles, including Head of Sports and Head of Secondary, before stepping into my current position in August 2020.

I’ve spent many years at MIS and am convinced that our inclusive, culturally diverse school, with its campus-style buildings nestled among beautifully maintained gardens, offers an ideal environment for children’s personal and academic growth during their formative years. The school is continually evolving to deliver the best possible educational experience for our students.

During my tenure here, I’ve seen numerous positive developments, such as the construction of new facilities like science labs and classroom blocks, including an upcoming sports complex. MIS has also achieved accreditation as a Cambridge school, offering a full IGCSE and A-Level programme from Year 10 onwards. Despite these changes and the school’s growth to over 1000 students, MIS remains committed to being a family-friendly school. We encourage each child to reach their potential while showing empathy for those less fortunate in the broader community. From mastering basic skills in Early Years from age two, expanding their knowledge in Primary School, and becoming proficient in key curriculum components in Secondary School, we take pride in ensuring our students are nurtured in a supportive learning environment throughout their time at MIS. Our qualified teachers and staff serve as positive role models, aiding our students in their academic, social, and personal development.

Despite the many changes MIS has undergone in recent years, one fundamental aspect remains unchanged: our students’ happiness. Our students have consistently been happy to attend and learn at MIS. We are determined to maintain this, as we know that a happy child who enjoys school is likely to succeed in their learning. Striving for happy children is our ongoing goal at MIS.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact our school for a full tour and to learn how MIS can provide the best education for your children. We look forward to welcoming you to the MIS family. “

Dr. Matthew Coutts – Head of School

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