MIS: Nurturing Minds, Fostering Health

“Unleashing Your Full Potential”

Optimal learning occurs when students feel safe, secure, and above all, happy. Our MIS care system is crafted to ensure that every child feels this sense of safety and support in school at all times.

Each class, for every academic year, has a dedicated class teacher who is accountable for the academic progress and emotional well-being of each student in their class. Thanks to our small class sizes, the teacher can give individual attention to each student, providing personalized learning, tailored tuition, and necessary support.

Each class, from Early Year to Primary Year 6, has two designated classroom assistants to aid and support all students in the class. In Secondary, there is one designated classroom assistant per subject.

These designated classroom assistants are equipped to support the class teacher in their teaching duties and other general tasks, ensuring that students receive the highest quality education coupled with the best possible care.

The MIS care system ensures that all children feel safe and supported at school at all times and to reassure all parents, that whilst their children are in our care, we have designated staff in the classroom to help and support where necessary.

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