MIS Library Program: Cultivating a Community of Readers

The M.I.S. library program is designed to ignite a lifelong love of reading, providing a sanctuary where students can freely explore the world through books.


Our library program at MIS is a cornerstone of our educational journey, fostering a love for reading and research. It offers a treasure trove of resources, from classic literature to cutting-edge scientific journals, supporting our students’ academic and personal growth. With access to a vast collection of books, e-resources, and interactive media, our students are empowered to explore, learn, and achieve excellence. Our library program at MIS is more than just a collection of books; it’s a dynamic hub for literacy and learning. With a diverse range of materials and a book swap activity, we encourage students to discover new stories and share their own favorites. This exchange not only enriches our library’s offerings but also fosters a vibrant reading community.

Every year the dedicated librarian, Miss Sandra, hosts the Book Swap Stall in the Main Hall Building, inviting students and parents to a world of literary exchange. The stall welcomes eager readers during designated time slots. This initiative not only encourages reading but also fosters a community spirit through the sharing of books.



“Turning Pages, Turning Minds at MIS”

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