MIS Art and Design Department: Crafting Creativity, Designing Dreams.

The study program for Arts is designed with the following objectives for all students:Engage in the creation of artistic work, delve into their ideas, and document their experiences.Develop proficiency in various techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and other art, craft, and design methods.Critique and analyze artistic works using the terminology of art, craft, and design.Gain knowledge about renowned artists, craft makers, and designers, and comprehend the historical and cultural evolution of their art forms.


We offer a range of lunchtime and after-school arts pro-grammes including a ballet dass for our very young students and a Primary School choir. There is also a thriving drama club which aims to put on a least gne long form production a year as well as many smaller ventures that it takes into classrooms around the school. We have recently built an amphiteatre towards the reat of our campus, something we believe to be unique amongst local schools. This is destined to become a popular performance space where everyone from our celebrated Middle School rock band to our traditional Thai dancers will be able to strut their stuff!

“Competition, Sportmanship and Teamwork.
We are preparing the children for success in a changing world.”

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