MIS Admission journey

Students of every nationality are welcome at our school, and we accept applications year-round. Our approachable and knowledgeable Admissions team is always available to assist you with your queries and ensure a smooth beginning.

Make an enquiry

Start your admissions journey today by making an appointment to visit our school.

Take a tour

We welcome everyone to visit our campus. You will experience a lively atmosphere in an environment rich in nature. At MIS, our goal is to foster and enrich the learning journey of children. Our mission is to equip them with skills and knowledge for a successful future.


All students from Year 1 to Year 9 must take the Cambridge Assessment Test before applying for admission.

Interview and Observe class

The Heads of Primary and Secondary shall offer an interview to all the students after they pass their Cambridge Assessment Test.

Offering and accepting a place

Once the students successfully complete their interviews, a trial class will be arranged for them. This shall allow the student to gain first-hand experience of studying with the teachers and familiarize themselves with the school environment.


Students who have passed the examination/interview and trial class process shall be offered a place at MIS.


All students will be issued an invoice and are required to settle the fee, prior to starting their studies at school.

Start school

The classroom teacher invites parents to join a Line group as a channel for classroom communication between teachers and parents, before the start of the school.

Documents required

1. Documents required for application, include:

  • 2-inch photograph (2 photos)
  • Copy of birth certificate (birth certificate) / copy of passport
  • Copy of house registration (Student applicants)
  • Copy of ID card/copy of passport of guardian
  • Copy of vaccination book
  • Academic report from the previous school for 2 semesters
  • Copy of name/surname change document (if any)

2. Fill out the study application / related documents according to the form given by Mooltripakdee International School

3. Provide an invoice detailing the following charges:

1. Entry fee (Enrolment Fee)     2. Tuition Fee
3. Cost of learning media and other equipment (Supplementary Fee)
4. School Lunch    5. School bus fare (School Transportation)
6. School uniforms (School Uniforms)
7. Other special tuition fees (Others)

4. Once the fee has been settled, please inform the registration department to enroll the students in the system. Additionally, notify the academic department to inform the upcoming class teacher.

5. Reach out to the homeroom teacher and invite the parents to join the classroom’s LINE group.

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