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Peaceful and Welcoming Atmosphere:

Our thoughtfully landscaped school premises goes beyond aesthetics—it positively influences everyone who steps foot on campus. Visitors and students alike experience a lasting impression when they see the lush greenery, colourful flowers and well-maintained pathways. Children are given the opportunity to bond with nature, move about freely, and take in the fresh air. The school‘s organic farm not only provides children with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, but also imparts an appreciation for nature’s bounty. The carefully crafted surroundings have a soothing influence on the mental health and overall wellness of the students, thereby nurturing creativity and instilling a sense of school pride and belonging.

Taking Responsibility

MIS is a welcoming school where children feel safe and valued. We view families as crucial partners. Our preschool has outdoor areas filled with nature and play equipment. Each classroom has a qualified teacher and two assistants. We recognize each child’s uniqueness, celebrate their achievements, and guide them in understanding their interests and challenges. We encourage children to express their feelings, make friends, and solve conflicts. Safety is our top priority, with strong security and well-equipped facilities.

Academic Excellence

MIS takes pride in its faculty and staff who are well-versed in innovative and engaging teaching practices. We adhere to a curriculum based on the British Curriculum and Cambridge International Education, providing students with globally recognized resources and instruction. We ensure an inclusive, state-of-the-art classroom setting and a positive learning environment where effective teaching transcends mere content delivery. Key strategies such as blended learning, project—based learning, and technology integration are employed by our teachers to bring the curriculum to life, reflecting their commitment to staying current and relevant. Our inclusive school policy encourages children to embrace diversity and look beyond differences. Teachers foster strong relationships with their students, making each child feel confident, safe, valued, and respected. Through personalized instruction, differentiated learning, and targeted support, each child is empowered to strive for academic excellence, paving the way for their success.

Character Development

Our school nurtures a strong moral character in students, extending beyond the classroom. The peaceful school environment shapes student behavior. We promote kindness and respect, with initiatives like bullying prevention, conflict resolution, and community service. We encourage students to contribute positively to their community. Subjects like literature, art, and music teach moral lessons and promote empathy. We value diversity and respect for others’ beliefs. These ingrained values guide our students into adulthood, influencing their relationships and societal contributions.

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