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Support and Counselling

The health, the emotional welfare and well being of every student is of the utmost importance at MIS. Children learn best when their feel safe, secure and most importantly feel happy. The MIS care system is designed to ensure that all children feel safe and supported at school at all times.

Designated class teachers

Each year class has a designated class teachers who is responsible for both the academic and emotional welfare of each child in the class. With small class sizes, the teacher comes to each child individually and is therefore able to provide the personalized learning, personalized tuition and support where necessary.

Designated Classroom Assistants

Why do MIS have Designated Classroom Assistants in the classroom unlike other Internationals schools?

No Designated class teacher can deal with a class of children and then deal with a child who has an emotional crisis moment during class time, without disrupting the whole class. The teacher must either ignore the upset child and continue teaching the whole class or stop teaching the whole class and leave the whole class to their own devices.

This is totally unacceptable situation which at MIS, we do not allow.

Each Year Class from Early Year to Primary Year 6 has Two Designated Classroom Assistants to help and support all students in the class and in Secondary One Designated Classroom Assistant per subject.

The Designated Classroom Assistants are able to support the Designated Class Teacher to help them in their with their teaching and to support them with general duties, ensuring the students get the best education possible, combined with the best care possible.

The MIS care system ensures that all children feel safe and supported at school at all times and to reassure all parents, that whilst their children are in our care, we have designated staff in the classroom to help and support where necessary.