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Primary FAQ's

We understand that starting school is a very important first step for all children and here at MIS, we take great care to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all our children. The Primary Teaching Staff are experienced in ensuring the transition to school goes smoothly and children are quickly integrated into their respective classes.

 A: The primary school day starts with registration at 9:00am and finishes at 3:30pm.

A: Yes, our ELS team provides various types of support at each year level, ranging from inclusive classroom applied strategies, to additional classes of students for differentiated tuition focused on the basics of word decoding, phonetic and communication skills.

A: Yes, of course! Early Years is the best place for children to adapt to new languages.

A: We have a very broad range of ECE clubs ranging from Homeroom English and math tuition, to the arts, music, choir, sports and ICT clubs. Our ECE clubs run from 4pm-5pm each school day.

A: Yes, we continue to grow our primary Sports programme and our students take great pride in representing MIS against other schools. We currently offer boys and girls coaching in basketball, volley-ball, football and swimming, which takes place from 5pm-6pm each school day.

A: Yes, they can. Of course, it might take a while for your child to adapt to their new social environment, but we always work hard to ensure new students are made to feel welcome, happy and safe at MIS. Your child’s ability level in different fields of English and mathematics will be assessed when they join the school and the appropriate level of support will be recommended and implemented from there.

A: Our standard class limit is 25 students per class.

A: Currently, students are only taught in completely different sets during Thai class. Teachers will generally differentiate their lessons to ensure specific learning levels are accommodated.

A: Yes, school uniform can be purchased from the school uniform store, located near the main school office building. The schedule of what students should wear each day will be shared by homeroom teachers/assistants at the start of each term.

A: Every primary class will have a parent Line group in which everyday questions can be asked/answered quickly and easily by either the homeroom teacher or the class TA’s. The iSAMS parent portal, which offers a more private and confidential means to discuss your child’s school life, will also be available in the near future.

A: Yes, Mr. Simon Andrews is our primary counselor. He is very passionate about ensuring students know they have someone to talk to in times of need. Mr. Andrews is also our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

A: Yes, primary assembly takes place at 9am every Monday morning. We celebrate our students’ birthdays, achievements and performances and it is a wonderful way to start off each week.

A: Homeroom teachers and assistants will provide a list specific for each class but in general; a water bottle, a pencil case with stationary selection, school folder and swimming/PE kit when required.

A: We follow the English National Curriculum and we meet the set standards through a variety of resources including, but not limited to; Cambridge, Collins and Nelson exercise and textbooks. Twinkl is also a very widely used online resource which gives our teachers access to additional worksheets, power-points, games and quizzes across all subjects.

A: In primary school we will send home two reports: at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.

A: Yes, we have a parent-teacher conference in Term 1 to establish the relationship between parents and teachers. A further parent-teacher conference is held at the end of Term 2 to provide parents and students advice on areas to focus on ahead of end of year exams, which take place in Term 3.

The school has a new CCTV system installed around the school and nobody is allowed on site without an identification lanyard.