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MIS Early Years Learning

Using the Montessori Method, our Early Years classes adapt the teaching and learning for each child’s current developmental stage. Each child is treated as an individual and encouraged to work at the pace that is right for them.

In order to create the right learning environment, we provide Montessori materials that are especially designed for a child’s exploration and self–discovery, encouraging children to be active learners at every level.

In each area of learning there are expectations of attainment known as the early learning goals. The lessons and activities that are provided across the timetable serve to develop and consolidate the skills the children need to meet these learning goals across the seven areas of learning.

At MIS we aim to develop an environment where children, parents and teachers can all learn together to make this journey one of true discovery.

Early Years School Day

Nursery 9am thru 2pm
Kindergarten 9am thru 2:30pm
After School Club 2:30 thru 3:30pm
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