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MIS Arts and Music

Welcome to the MIS Art & Music page, a space dedicated to celebrating and exploring the diverse realms of artistic expression and the captivating world of music.

At MIS we delve into the rich tapestry of visual arts, performing arts, and the vibrant landscape of various musical genres. Students can join us from Early Years to Secondary as we journey through history, spotlight talented artists, discover new sounds and uncover the profound impact that art and music can have on their lives.

1. Visual Arts:

  • Painting: Explore the techniques, styles, and notable painters throughout history.
  • Sculpture: Discover the sculpting process, influential sculptors, and iconic sculptures.
  • Photography: Delve into the art of capturing moments, from early pioneers to modern trends.
  • Digital Art: Learn about the intersection of technology and creativity, exploring digital mediums and innovative artists.


2. Performing Arts:

  • Theater: Uncover the magic of the stage, from classic plays to contemporary productions.
  • Dance: Discover the world of dance, from ballet to modern, and the visionaries who push artistic boundaries.
  • Ballet: Explore the elegance and precision of ballet, iconic choreographers, and legendary ballet companies.

3. Music:

 Classical Music: Journey through the centuries of classical compositions, renowned composers, and symphonic masterpieces.

  • Jazz: Swing to the rhythm of jazz, from its roots to improvisation, legendary musicians, and iconic recordings.
  • Rock and Pop: Dive into the world of rock and pop music, from influential bands to chart-topping hits and cultural movements.
  • World Music: Experience the rich diversity of music from different cultures, from traditional folk melodies to fusion sounds.

4. Art and Music History:

  • Art Movements: Explore influential art movements such as Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism.
  • Musical Periods: Discover the development of musical styles and periods, from Baroque to Romanticism, and beyond.
  • Notable Artists and Musicians: Delve into the lives and works of renowned artists, composers, and musicians who shaped their respective fields.

5. Art and Music Reviews:

  • Art Exhibitions: Read insightful reviews and reflections on current and past art exhibitions from around the world.
  • Music Albums and Concerts: Find recommendations and critiques of albums, live performances, and music festivals.

6. Interviews and Features:

  • Artist Interviews: Gain exclusive insights into the creative process, inspirations, and artistic philosophies of prominent artists.
  • Musician Profiles: Discover the stories behind talented musicians, their musical journeys, and their influences.

At MIS we encourage all Student to explore the captivating realm of art and music, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether they are an avid enthusiast, a budding artist, or simply just curious, MIS is their gateway to a world of artistic expression and melodic wonders. At MIS we let the harmonies and brushstrokes ignite their imagination and inspire them on their own artistic voyage whilst at school at MIS.