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Life in Early Years

Here at MIS, we recognize the importance of inquiry-based learning as the major contributing factor promoting child development at this early stage in their lives.

From the moment children join Early Years we encourage them to explore their classroom environment, and beyond, using their senses (sight, touch, smell, and sometimes taste) to learn about the world around them.

These sensory activities are known to be an engaging and motivating way for children to explore the world; the use of touch, sometimes referred to as ‘messy play’ (when children can squeeze, squish and squash), plays an essential role as the students get to know the texture and feel of different materials and objects with their hands.

We also promote outdoor learning whenever possible as it is definitely the case that young children tend to flourish when given the chance to connect with the natural environment, and the Early Years outside play-area and surrounding greenery is the perfect location.

While making new friends and having fun are all part of life in Early Years children are also taking the first steps in learning the English language. From learning the phonetic sounds of the alphabet to writing their first letters children in Early Years are already making progress towards the blending of words and the subsequent reading and writing of sentences.

Circle Time with the homeroom teacher at the start of the day is probably the most important part of the timetable in Early Years as the children settle down while learning new concepts and generally take part in singing and educational games in order to practice their speaking and understanding of English.

After Circle Time the children are ready to take part in the rest of that day’s activities. The best singers and dancers are definitely in Early Years!

Making friends and learning new things in a safe and green environment – no wonder children are happy at MIS!

Let’s all learn and grow together!