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Learning in Secondary

The educational approach in England creates a significant change for students at the secondary level.

Not only do they usually enroll in a different school but they are also then taught by different subject teachers rather than the single class or ‘homeroom’ teacher typical of primary schools.

At MIS as our approach is broadly adapted from the English national curriculum, it is not surprising that we mirror many of these changes although our students have the advantage of staying on the same campus and continuing the relationships and support networks they have formed in the primary school.

At MIS we are very focused on providing continuity and consistency of approach throughout the school and this applies equally to the transition from primary to secondary school. Our upper primary staff work closely with their secondary school colleagues to arrive at a shared understanding of where the students are at, both academically and personally, as they enter the secondary school and to provide challenging targets and appropriate support for each one.

At MIS the secondary school has a longer school day than primary and students are expected to work more independently and take more responsibility for their learning. Some of the subjects require the completion of assignments that involve independent research and data collection.

At MIS we are equally concerned with encouraging the spiritual, moral, cultural, and physical development of our students and we actively encourage participation in a range of sports and arts activities as well as timetabling citizenship and religious education lessons.


At MIS as the students progress through the secondary level the focus gradually starts turning more towards the requirements of the statutory examinations that are held at the end of Year 11. 

At MIS learning skills and inquiring minds are at the heart of the Montessori System and by learning how to learn, our Students are best prepared to use the knowledge and skills they need for their future.

At MIS we believe that our students are empowered to be the future change makers, the critical thinkers who can recognize the issues and challenges ahead in the world.