Key Stage 1

M.I.S. offers a primary school education which, as set out in the English National Curriculum, is divided into stages known as Key Stages. Primary education covers Key Stage 1 which consists of Year 1 & Year 2

The general emphasis in Key Stage 1 is on pupils becoming competent in a wide range of skills and developing their ability in basic literacy and numeracy.  minds. This style of curriculum continues through to Key Stage 2.  There is, however, an increased emphasis on formal academic work.

 Throughout the whole process of learning, the students are not only absorbing facts but, more importantly, developing a wide range of skills, abilities and concepts which are transferable and help lay the foundations for higher order thinking skills.

The underlying philosophy is about children working together and experiencing a rich, ‘hands on’ curriculum which motivates and stimulates young minds.

There have been great steps taken forward in science, technology and in society during the last decade. Therefore, our curriculum offers our children opportunities to acknowledge our changing world and reflect that knowledge in practice.

" Preparing children for success. "

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