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Good Behaviour Pre-School and Kindergarten

At the Early Years and Foundation Stages (EYFS) we focus on Personal, Social and Emotional Development and developing life skills. This in turn promotes self-regulation. We want our Early Years Students to be confident, happy and involved.

An integral part of the Behavior Policy at MIS is to provide our students with a happy, safe and welcoming community where they are taught to embrace the ideals of fairness, justice, honesty, integrity and personal responsibility.

Having high expectations for good behavior throughout the school is the most effective way of supporting our students as they develop both socially and intellectually. This sets out our expectations for student behavior and the consequences that may follow when those expectations are not met.

Quality Sleep

At MIS we recognize the importance of sleep for young learners and making sure your child gets the right amount of sleep is the number one way parents can help them develop. Whilst we recognize it may not always be easy but we do urge parents of all our Early Years Students to ensure that they keep to a consistent daily bedtime routine that ends in the room where the child sleeps.

Encourage the use of a blanket or cuddly toy and make sure the room is cool, quiet and dark and try to to keep a regular place where your child sleeps.

If your child wakes up in the night, calmly and peacefully take them back to their bed and talk to older children in the household about why a good night’s sleep is so important for Early Years children. Keep TV’s, computers, iPad’s, Mobile phones and other devices out of the bedroom.

Avoid giving your child any drinks that may contain caffeine, chocolate or chocolate drinks and following these tips should help get a good night’s sleep, to develop more successfully, to be more happier and to study well in the classroom as well as creating healthy lifelong habits.

At MIS we recognize that in the classroom it is vital that the Early Years Students are happy, well behaved and well disciplined. A good night’s sleep is essential in achieving this aim.

We believe that our MIS parents have an important role to play in the successful implementation of our Behavior Policy in fully supporting these objectives and aims.

Forging a close and cooperative relationship between teachers and parents is essential if our youngest students are going to experience our behavioral expectations as consistent and fair.

MIS reserves the right to suspend any student who breaches the MIS Behaviour Policy.