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Early Years FAQ’s

We understand that starting school is a very important first step for all children and here at MIS, we take great care to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all our children. The Early Years Teaching Staff are experienced in ensuring the transition to school goes smoothly and children are quickly integrated into their respective classes.

 A: We do not have a scheduled nap time in Early Years. However, if a student in Pre-School A is feeling tired, he/she is more than welcome to lay down with a pillow and blanket (provided by the school).

A: If your child is joining Pre-School A (2-3years old) they do not need to be potty trained as this is something we will work on with you and your child during the year. In Pre-School B it is preferred that the child should already be potty trained; in Kindergarten it is expected that children will already be potty trained.

A: Yes, of course! Early Years is the best place for children to adapt to new languages.

A: Yes, this is perfectly fine. Our staff take pride in helping students follow the school routine and are happy to help you and your child adapt to MIS.

A: This is up to you and how you are feeling. Some parents are more comfortable with a child of Pre-School A age starting with 3 days for the first term and then moving to full time (5 days).

A: Pre-School children will need a hat for outside play, a change of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, water bottle, utensils, milk and fruit for morning break and a small snack for afternoon break-time. (Preschool B: pencil case). Kindergarten is very similar but the students only have one snack-time; a pencil case and suitable pencils are also required for classroom activities.

A: No, there is not a minimum age. Small children will sit in car seats that are provided by the school. All school buses have a dedicated staff member sitting with the students.

A: Our class cap is 25 students with 3 teaching staff consisting of one international homeroom teacher and two Teaching Assistants.

A: Yes, the teacher will provide parents with a uniform schedule with one day being free dress day, during which students can wear their own choice of clothes. Any change of clothes the students bring in their backpacks can be free choice clothes too.

A: The best way to contact your child’s teacher is either by email or direct LINE message to the head teacher or the assistants.

A: When registering your child for MIS please indicate any dietary restrictions your child has, this will be shared with your child’s teacher along with our kitchen staff. Student’s will be given a lunch box that is specific to fit these dietary needs.

A: Yes, you have the option to opt out of the normal school lunch.

A: Class starts at 9:00 a.m., so please arrive with enough time for the students to get to class prior to this time. Children should be dropped off at the correct drop-off point where our staff will help the children out of the car; there is no need for parents to get out of their car.

A: For morning snack time, milk and fruit is recommended. For the afternoon snack it is your choice, but healthy snacks are recommended.

A: Caring for your children is our number one priority. Our staff are trained and qualified for all situations. The medical room is close by and there are first aid qualified staff in each building. Students are continually under supervision and are never left unattended.

The school has a new CCTV system installed around the school and nobody is allowed on site without an identification lanyard.