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Early Years Curriculum

At MIS, we follow the internationally recognized Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which sets standards for the learning and development of a child from two to five years of age.

The EYFS curriculum is divided into seven stages, with each age-group set different objectives as they progress from Pre-School A through to Kindergarten.

Communication and Language includes children listening to others, communicating their needs and developing their vocabulary and language skills.

Physical Development involves big movements (walking, running, jumping) and smaller movements (holding and using crayons, pens, for example).

Activities also include learning about different topics, such as getting dressed, personal needs and healthy eating.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is aimed at encouraging children to recognize different emotions, sharing with others, and making friends.

Literacy covers identifying, reading and writing letter sounds, before moving onto words and simple sentences. Learning phonics is the key to literacy in Early Years.

Mathematics involves children learning key concepts, such as identifying numbers, counting, recognizing shapes and patterns, and simple comparisons.

Understanding the World includes the use of technology, why things happen, and how things work.

Children also gain an appreciation of different cultures through celebrations, festivals and special events.

Expressive Arts and Design encourages the development of imaginative and creative skills through exploring different materials, music and various role-play activities.