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Counsellor, SENCO and School Nurse

With the welfare of our students in mind, M.I.S. has a strong Student Welfare team on staff.

Our team includes two counselors, one each in Primary (Mr. Simon Andrews) and Secondary (Ms. Rubani Sethi), who assist students with their emotional well-being, personal challenges, mental health difficulties and other issues they may experience, regardless of whether these issues occur at school or externally. Our counselors often conduct student outreach and awareness activities. Students are always welcome to contact our counselors to request an appointment. Should parents be concerned about the emotional well-being of their child, they are welcome to contact M.I.S. to request assistance from our counselors.

Both the Primary and Secondary departments also have a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) – Ms. Loverly Bucad in Primary and Mr. Kenneth Bernaldez in Secondary. Our SENCOs are responsible for assisting students who experience learning difficulties, those who may have disabilities or medical conditions that may affect their learning, and students who may need assistance with organizing their study habits. Students may be referred to our SENCOs by their teachers, or may also approach them for assistance. Should you wish to discuss any issues with your child’s learning with our SENCO team please feel free to get in touch.

To ensure the physical safety and well-being of our students, we have a fully qualified nurse, Ms. Marmie Poran, as an essential part of our team. Our nurse is able to offer advanced first aid and initial treatment for a range of illnesses and injuries, as well as advice on health, illness and injury prevention. Should your child sustain a serious illness or become seriously ill at school, our nurse will provide initial assistance before either arranging for the child to be sent home or transported to hospital. If your child has a medical condition, takes regular medication, has any form of disability or is allergic to anything, it is essential that you advise our school nurse of this in writing.