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Benefits of Reading

At MIS we are passionate about encouraging all their students to learn to love the joys of reading books. Books can be both an escape and an adventure.

Reading opens up doors to news worlds of entertainment, it boosts the imaginations of young minds and has positive neurological and psychological benefits.

Books that have inspired generations with their ability to educate and entertain since Gutenberg perfected the printing press in 1440 and here is a list of just some of vast number of reading books that can be found in the MIS library for MIS students

Richard Adams “ Watership Down :” –  Anna Sewell “ Black Beauty – Joanna Spyri’s “ Heidi “ – J K Rowling – “ Harry Potter “ – Dan Brown “ The Da Vinci Code “ Carlo Collodi – “ Pinocchio “ – C S Lewis “ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Roald Dahl “ Matilda “ J R Tolkein “ The Hobbit “

At MIS, we believe that “well read students“ are better equipped for life.

At MIS we hold regular Book Swap week’s through the Academic Year to celebrate and encourage our students to discover the enjoyment of reading. The cost of books can be extra heavy burden for parents, that might discourage parents from supporting Students love of reading at home but at MIS, Book Swap week’s encourage students to exchange books that they have already read, for new exciting read’s without burdening parents with the costs of buying books.

The MIS Librarian Miss Sandra sets up the Book Swap Stall in Main Hall Building and is open to students and parents from 08:15 – 09:00  12:20 -12:50    15:20 – 16:00

Only Books written in English language can be swapped and all UN-wanted books are not overly damaged, not ripped, torn, written, ripped or showing their age will be not accepted.

At MIS we encourage parents of Early Years Student, Primary Students and Secondary Students to visit the Book Swap Stall with their children to help and encourage the love and joys of reading for all MIS students of all ages.

Importantly for parents, this is free and helps all MIS students learn to develop the love of reading.