Preparing Children for Success


We operate an inclusive admissions policy at MIS and will always try our best to find a place here for your child.

As English is used throughout the school for all subjects, it is important that our students have an appropriate level of English to cope with the demands of the curriculum.

Moreover, the English national curriculum, around which we have built our programme of study, is quite demanding and fast paced with rigorous attainment standards.

Early years

There are no admissions tests for children applying to our Early Years classes (Preschool A, Preschool B and Kindergarten). However, many parents choose to arrange a trial day in the classroom so that their child can get a feel for the class. This also gives the class teacher an opportunity to make an assessment as to whether or not MIS will be the right fit for your child.

Primary School (Key Stages 1 & 2)

Children applying for a place in our Primary school (Year 1 – 6) will be given a short test to assess their English ability. If your child’s level of English is below the standard necessary to access the curriculum at their age, we may offer them a place conditional on their being enrolled in our English Learning Support (ELS) programme, for which there is a mandatory additional fee. 

Children may also be invited to observe the class for which they wish to enroll, typically for one day. During this observation session the class teacher may conduct some informal tests and assessments.

Secondary School (Key Stages 3, 4 & 5)

For a student to be successful in our secondary school programme they will need to have a good level of both English and mathematics. Applicants will be asked to take an English test during the admissions process and more detailed academic assessments will then be made either during an optional observation day or during the first week of attendance. 

At Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8), if a prospective student’s level of English is below the standard necessary to access the curriculum at their age, we may offer them a place conditional on their being enrolled in our ELS programme, for which there is an additional fee.

Our students spend “Years 9 – 11” and “Years 12, 13” (Key Stage 3,4 & 5) concentrating on IGCSE courses. Any student applying to join the school at this stage will be interviewed and assessed by members of the Secondary management team and Key Stage 4 teaching staff. Applicants must demonstrate that they have the potential to be successful IGCSE candidates to be considered for admission.

Please note: It is our policy to assign students to a class that is appropriate for their age and provide extra support for those who find the demands of the curriculum especially challenging. However, under exceptional circumstances, if we consider it to be in the best educational interests of an applicant, we will consider a placement one year above or below the indicated year level. The final decision in these cases will be taken by the head of the primary or secondary school, as appropriate.


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