These are the regulations regarding school uniform. All students should wear their P.E. kits on the days that they have a P.E. lesson. Otherwise, the following school uniform regulations apply:
Monday: please wear the formal school uniform
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: please wear the ‘polo shirt’ uniform Thursday: children can wear clothes of their own choosing (unless they have a P.E. lesson, in which case they should wear their P.E. kits)
Shoes: Please wear solid, ‘closed’ shoes to school (no flip-flops or sandals). We prefer students to wear black or brown shoes with their formal school uniforms. Shoes: Closed shoes are to be worn at all times for protection. Black shoes are preferred.

Preparing Children for Success

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Please ensure your child has a back pack that they bring to school every day. They will need it to carry their books, equipment and personal belongings. Teachers will often use the students back packs to send memos and notes home so please check your child’s back pack regularly.

Collection of Children from School

As part of the student admissions procedure, you will be asked to fill in a form giving permission for a number of named adults to collect your child from school on your behalf. Your child will only be allowed to leave with someone who is registered with the school.

These are the times and procedures for collecting children from different parts of the school:

  • Preschool A – collect at 2.00
  • Preschool B & Kindergarten – collect at 2.30 
  • Primary & Secondary – collect at 3.30 

Students who have not been collected within 15 minutes of these times will be taken to a late room where they will be supervised and given the opportunity to do homework or read. Parents will have to collect their children in person from these late rooms and sign their child out. They will also be charged 250 THB for each hour (or fraction of an hour) that their child is in the late room. An invoice for the late room charges will be sent by the accounts department.

Students enrolled in afterschool programmes should be collected at the time given by their afterschool teacher, coach or supervisor. 

All students who are not attending an afterschool programme should leave the school premises within 30 minutes of the end of their normal school day. The school gates close at 5.30 p.m. Students still on the campus at this time should be collected from the security office in the lower car park. 

Sickness or Accident at School

If your child becomes unwell at school and is upset or not able to cope with lessons, we will contact you and ask you to come and collect them. Children are best kept at home until they are quite well enough to return to school. To avoid the spread of illness, please keep your child at home at least 48 hours following any sickness. If your child has an infectious or contagious disease it is important that the school is informed and a doctor’s clearance obtained before returning to school. (For more information please refer to our Student Sickness Policy)

It is essential that we have your uptodate home and mobile telephone number and also an emergency contact number where we can reach a family member quickly.

If your child feels unwell or sustains a minor injury while at school, they will be taken to our on-site clinic and examined by the school nurse. In the event of your child sustaining an injury that requires hospital treatment, we will consult your child’s individual emergency information, and you will be contacted. If necessary, your child may be taken to the hospital indicated on the emergency sheet, and you will be expected to meet us there. The Parental Consent Form will accompany your child so that immediate treatment may be given. It is very important that you keep these details up to date. The closest hospital to our school is the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. The contribution of the school is the maximum amount of 10,000 baht per visit.

School Meals

School Meals are served in the dining room under the supervision of teaching assistantsWe serve a variety of hot food daily. Hot school meals are charged on a termly basis.

Snack Time

This is a relaxing time for your child to enjoy a drink of juice or water and a piece of fruit provided by the school.

Packed Lunches

If you don’t want your child to have a school meal, then a packed lunch should be sent to school in a suitable container, with your child’s name clearly marked on the front.