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About M.I.S.

We believe that the M.I.S. ethos is well represented by the school and its students. At the heart of that ethos is the creation of a nurturing and peaceful community. This finds visible expression in our carefully cultivated school grounds which provide a tranquil and beautiful setting for our staff and students. Accordingly, this environment plays a vital role in producing the happy, peaceful and positive atmosphere most visitors to the school comment upon. From this foundation we can provide our students with the opportunities to realise their potential, both academically and personally, through outstanding teaching and learning, high academic standards and a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Finally, as an international school located in Thailand, we strive to embrace an international and multi-cultural outlook whilst celebrating the Thai culture that forms an important part of most of our student’s cultural heritage.


1. To encourage learners to achieve desirable characteristics in four areas: physical, emotional – mental, social, and intellectual.
2. To provide a quality education which meets international standards. Students will enjoy learning, and be upstanding people in terms of discipline, morality, ethics, and a desire to protect the natural environment. Additionally, students are encouraged to see themselves as potential leaders with the ability to work well with others.
3. To ensure the teaching and learning aspect of the curriculum is developed to suit the abilities of our learners so that they reach their potential. Students should become adept at using technology effectively with an emphasis on student-centered learning.
4. To encourage teachers to uphold the spirt and ethical aspect of the teaching profession and to seek continual improvement in their teaching skills.
5. To integrate the Early Years Foundation Stage with the Montessori Curriculum, while ensuring the English National Curriculum has both local and multinational links.
6. To develop a variety of learning resources and cultural activities that incorporate the natural school environment.
7. To strengthen the school’s educational links by promoting learning and knowledge to our local community and wider Thai society. Additionally, the school should promote increased cooperation among its stakeholders in order to build lasting relationships between school, parents and the local community.
8. To develop the use of increased technology for the improved efficiency of school management and general administration


The school has a natural environment which is beautiful and safe, which lends to an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. We carefully nurture our students to embrace innovation and modern technology. Our students will be smart, rounded, happy, cheerful, bright, and eager to learn in pursuit of meeting international standards.

School Philosophy

Our school aims to promote good character in all our students. All students should be encouraged to be kind and happy in their pursuit of learning.

Student Profile

An M.I.S. student –
  • is kind and considerate to others
  • is resilient and determined to succeed
  • is curious about the world around them and eager to find out more
  • values and respects the differences between themselves and others
  • works well as part of a team
  • cares for and respects the natural world, both locally and in the wider community

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