About M.I.S.

We believe that the M.I.S. ethos is well represented by the school and its students. At the heart of that ethos is the creation of a nurturing and peaceful community. This finds visible expression in our carefully cultivated school grounds which provide a tranquil and beautiful setting for our staff and students. Accordingly, this environment plays a vital role in producing the happy, peaceful and positive atmosphere most visitors to the school comment upon. From this foundation we can provide our students with the opportunities to realise their potential, both academically and personally, through outstanding teaching and learning, high academic standards and a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Finally, as an international school located in Thailand, we strive to embrace an international and multi-cultural outlook whilst celebrating the Thai culture that forms an important part of most of our student’s cultural heritage.


An M.I.S. student will be happy, confident, and determined to succeed. Our carefully cultivated physical environment enhances their learning experience and helps to create a warm and inclusive community where all students feel valued and are prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world.


At M.I.S. we aim to:

Deliver outstanding teaching and learning which inspires, motivates and engages all students

Create a trusting and caring environment in which diversity is honoured and respected

Instill a social, moral and cultural awareness in our students where honesty, integrity, and fairness are valued and practiced

Develop well-rounded individuals who are responsible and resilient

Equip students with curious, enquiring minds and the tools to become enthusiastic life-long learners

Promote an aspirational culture where achievement is recognized and rewarded in all aspects of school life

Encourage positive partnerships between students, parents, our staff and the wider community

School Philosophy

Our school philosophy is centered around the importance of the physical environment as a means of enhancing the experience of our stakeholders – students, staff and parents – and promoting an atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning and to promoting the core values that our represented by our mission statement.

Our positive learning environment –

  • Encourages children to care for and respect nature and the countryside.
  • Embraces the ideals of fairness, justice, forgiveness, truth, honesty and integrity.
  • Teaches children to value and respect the differences between themselves and others.
  • Promotes a healthy body, mind and habits.

Student Profile

An M.I.S. student –

  • is kind and considerate to others
  • is resilient and determined to succeed
  • is curious about the world around them and eager to find out more
  • values and respects the differences between themselves and others
  • works well as part of a team
  • cares for and respects the natural world, both locally and in the wider community

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