School Admissions Application

Documentation & Procedure:

Photographs and Documents required for admission:

  1. Four photos of the applicant (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  2. A copy of the child’s passport and birth certificate
  3. A copy of your house registration book (Thai blue book)
  4. A copy of the parents’ passport and/or ID card
  5. A copy of the child’s Vaccination record and Health Certificate
  6. A copy of the child’s last two school reports
  7. In the event of a child’s name having been changed – a copy of a document showing their previous name

Application Instructions:

  • Fill in the Student Application Form. Please provide all of the information requested
  • Bring the completed application form to the school office along with:
    i – the four photos;
    ii – the required documents;
    iii – the 2,500-baht application fee   
  • A member of the admissions team will process your application and make any necessary arrangements for admissions testing or a classroom observation visit

Admissions Forms:

iStudent Application Form 

iiAcceptable Use Policy Agreement

iii – Permission for Another Person to Collect My Child

Downloadable Forms

Please complete all parts of the printed form so that we can ensure our records are accurate and up-to-date. We would also ask that you to print in capital letters when completing the information sheets.

Student Application Form

Acceptable Use Policy Form

Permission for Another Person to Collect My Child Form